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Product quality standards are guaranteed. Our products have got ISO 9001 & CE international quality management system.

ALK66-A Optical Fiber Cleaver

ALK66-A Optical Fiber Cleaver,China Fusion Splicer Fiber Cleaver Product Features: Applicable fiber: single bare fiber diameter quartz fiber cutting: 125μm fiber coating diameter: 250 ~ 900μm cutting angle: less than 0.5 ° (single fiber) Cutting length: 13mm Learn more

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR AOR500

AOR500 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR Key Features Convenient one-button testing High speed signal processing, less test time and fast analysis Color TFT LCD USB port connect to PC Input optical signal auto detection and self-protection Built-in VFL Learn more

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer ALK-88

Item:optical fiber fusion splicer Brand:Eloik Mode:ALK-88 Origin:China Factory:Tianjin Eloik Communications Equipment Technology Co., LTD Warranty:12 months Eloik ALK-88A fusion splicer adopts German technology with core alignment system and independent property rights.The equipment take advanced PAS technology, not only can be used to FTTX, also meet the requirements of trunk line,with good properties of mini size ,four motor drive,light weight, fast speed .... Features: Har Learn more
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Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd are a technology from Germany, specializing in optical communicati


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01. Warranty: host warranty shall be 18 months, power module warranty shall be 6 months

Welcome to Eloik

Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd are a technology from Germany, specializing in

Germany Technology

Product quality standards are guaranteed. Our products have got ISO 9001 & CE internationa

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