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    China Unicom
    One of China's three carriers.Using free fiber reconstruction project began in 2014, Mr. Locke become China unicom fiber one of the biggest suppliers of welding equipment.Change around for copper fiber, fiber optic free door engineering provides a great help.
    China telecom
    China telecom as China telecom enterprises and the largest basis network operators, China telecom in 2011 comprehensive start the "broadband optical network, China city" project, and in 2013, may establish a long-term cooperation relationship with Mr. Locke, Mr. Locke became one of the optical fiber welding equipment specified products. 
    Eloik Group
    In October 2014, China mobile plans to be completed by the end of 2014 700000 4 g base stations, to meet the nation's major cities and county town, township continuous coverage.
    China mobile based on the most advanced optical network and optical fiber equipment in place of skills, Mr. Locke optical fiber welding machine of the world's first fiber connection skill will speed the progress quickly fixed network transmission function, thus improving 4 g users feel directly.
     PCCW is Hong Kong's largest telecommunications company, as well as world-class information and communication technology companies.Its digital broadband network coverage, the most widely on most families in Hong Kong, was established in March 2014, and Mr. Locke cooperation relations, use Mr. Locke optical fiber welding equipment used in its service.

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    Eloik Group
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